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Hand held two way radios, mobile units, Repeaters, ( click on  item for info and call me for price quote )
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Click on pictures below for direct link for information. These are most popular sold. 
CAN DEMO Most products on your site  in your existing radio system
or set up a system to proof out your communications needs.

  CLICK ON CALLBOX  ICON  FOR VIDEO DEMO Simply deploy the OutPost XT radios in any area where you need them most. It is ideal for buildings or facilities, schools, hospitals,
     hotels/motels, agribusiness, manufacturing, warehousing, delivery or receiving docks, amusement parks, golf courses, Parking  structures / lots, gates, or help box for any area where wireless two-way communications is needed.  Several models to choose
from basic to tamper resistant enclosure. e-mail for price quote after selecting a model for your needs.

The LOUD MOUTH and the NEW LPA for public address system access via your 2 way radio. Click on picture for VIDEO DEMO.


                                                          The J Series          The PT series PT450 & PT-150. Ritron has outdone themselves.  Newest change

different size. Great feel 4.5H x 2.2W x 1" at 10oz. This replaces the SLX and J series. Now a 255 channel up from 10 and 60, 13hr. Battery pack, 9 programmable buttons, encode & decode functions, 1000mW audio output

FCC narrow band compliant (mandatory 01/01/2013). Radio price includes Radio, antenna rapid charge stand, 1800ma Battery (litho) & belt clip. Click on picture for specs. 


click on icon for info and specs The Repeater / used for a bridge in hard to transmit and receive areas.    Click on picture for VIDEO Demo

  Example buildings more than 25 floors high or in dense city area's with to many floors and buildings to penetrate. A repeater will more than double your hand held to hand held coverage.  .............................    


  Keep members happy with service calling from  from anywhere on the course that a call box is placed. Click on picture for VIDEO Demo 
Call goes to your existing radio system or a small base station in food and beverage or any service office on site.
Unit is self contained and battery powered with average life of 7000 transmissions or one year.  


                                                                      The hand held. Many models and wattage to chose from. E-Mail me for your needs.
These are the
JMX Series with Wattage from 1 to 3 watts for UHF  and in VHF & 1.5 to 4 watts  / 10 channel. Wattage and features usually dictate price.

       The mobile unit. Rugged for any installation.        Tuff case will mount most anywhere, 35 Ch's 30 watt out.     

 Click on picture for VIDEO Demo Portable unit used for desktop placement. Push to talk bar transmit. Its a 2 way radio in a intercom configuration.

         Full line of head sets for low profile  communications such as catering, security etc.

          With the Teleswitch  you can from a hand held radio be in control by sending from a great distance a signal to open
or close 2 independent 10 amp contacts which hooked up to anything you can imagine will make the device work, turn on or off, activate a siren, turn on a pump, open a gate etc. Built in acknowledgement back to sending radio. VHF or UHF


   When you need real time status and you can't    be everywhere at the same time, you need the Quick Talk Voice Alerting Transmitter. How does it work? Connect any contact closure/switch to the Quick Talk. Record your "custom" message in any language. When the switch changes status, the recorded message is automatically transmitted via radio to all your two-way radio equipped personnel. New item as of 06/2011 now has 4 inputs and able to receive 4 different frequencies. Wireless Remote switch also available for pocket panic alert or other emergency alert.

   Ritron Clean Cab radio for Locomotives ( click on picture for info )




  Most of the  products can be incorporated into your existing radio system from one hand held along other products on this site because of full programming capability in UHF & VHF. So if you buy just one unit it will work for you or a whole system configured for you and your needs.

Call  215-499-2253 for on site apt.----or------e-mail---tmcg@lorencommunications.com  with detail of your needs for price quote.

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